Wednesday, July 21, 2010

She fought hard, but in the end....

I'm not the best at thinking up micro-stories to go along with MC-suggestive pictures, but this one's just begging for a caption, isn't it? I couldn't possibly resist.

And I wasn't even planning on making another mid-week post. See, I'm still waiting for some response to yesterday's entry, so I didn't want to call attention away from it. Remember, folks, if I'm going to take the time to redo my links-and-graphics-heavy page of original Virtual Hypnotist sessions, I need to be sure it'll come out right. And that means I have to have some feedback from people like you. I don't necessary expect you to try out and keep the test session I've linked to, just to let me know the download works properly from its new location.

But anyway, I found the picture at right while browsing around Model Mayhem just now, and it was simply too scrumptious to resist. The model is Ermioneweb and the photog is KopaBill. I don't necessarily recommend either of their galleries in full, so I won't bother with linking to them. I'll just let you enjoy this little tidbit and - once again - nudge you in the direction of the post below.

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