Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Want to help me test something?

Seeing people discussing my Virtual Hypnotist tutorial on the MC Forum has inspired me to find a way to share my own VH sessions online again. I have to do it from a different place now, though, so I need some feedback in order to be sure it's working properly. If you'd like to help, just try using this link to download the zip file of my "Lagoon" session (barely PG-rated and completely non-kinky), then let me know what happens. You can reply in the comments section of this post or e-mail me if you'd like more privacy.  ;-)

Did you have any trouble finding and downloading the zip file from the link?
Were you able to unzip it?
If you have VH on your computer, were you able to install the "Lagoon" session?

Once I get all the bugs worked out in this process, I'll make all the sessions from my old site available here, so thanks for your help in making that happen.


jtc said...

Well, I tried downloading it, and got a "Can't scan for viruses" notice. The download aborted itself.

Here's hoping the bugs on this get worked out; I enjoyed those sessions and I've been hoping you'd make them available again!

Brian said...

Ok, I originally tried downloading. I had the same results as jtc, until I signed into my gmail account. In short to download you have to sign into your gmail account. As for the your packaged Virtual Hypnotist file lagoon, it worked flawless.

thrall said...

Thanks so much to both of you (and to a third person who e-mailed me)! It sounds like we've found a workable solution for getting my original VH sessions back online. I'll try to get that done over the weekend.


Brian said...

Your welcome, and if there is anything else I can test or do please let me know :)