Saturday, July 17, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things: Slime Time

As promised way back when I first started doing these "My Favorite Things" posts, here's one on slime, goo, and all kinds of other squicky substances...not too squicky, though. I hope. ;-)

Let's start off with an image of Zoetica Ebb that I think I've posted before. It's by Stuntkid, whom you'll see at least once more in this blog...whenever I get around to my "When Animals Attack" post of favorites. ;-)

So here we go. Below, left to right, are two posts from the Hart-Worx website and one from photographer Waldo Lee featuring Leah H.

Next up is the first pic in this entry of Porcelain (or Porsylin, on her Deviant Art account), shot by WinterWolf Studios; then something-or-other by Low Tek; and finally a photo by photographer Tony Chu.

For the record, I'm not going to bother hunting down the links of the photogs and models whose galleries I don't think are worth visiting; so if you do see a link on a name, that means I like the rest of this person's stuff and think you might, too.

Anyway, next is a pic from makeup artist ganeshkarma and two illustrations by Stuntkid.

Now we have two more pics of Porcelain/Porsylin - both by Stuntkid - and one of V. Larsen in a shot by Porcelain Poet (who gets up to all kinds of weirdness on her Model Mayhem gallery - some too ghoulish for me to enjoy on an erotic level, but others well worth this link). Oh, and BTW, the coincidence of the names on this line of photos really is just a coincidence; I arrange pictures solely by the way they look next to one another.

Lastly, here are Thao N by A Third Vision, something-or-other from Jelloeye, and J Isobel de Lisle and friend.

The EMC possibilities abound, don't they?

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