Sunday, July 18, 2010


Look what I just found (following a link from the latest pics on Skin's Deviant Art gallery). This video is incredible - and incredibly ambiguous, which means it's very, very possible to imagine there's MC going on here. ;-)

SHORT FILM: THE WALTZ from Chad Michael Ward on Vimeo.

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TheAdamator said...

Wow. Very dark and suggestive of cruel manipulation and exploitation. Although the video doesn't have any explicit examples of MC in it, I nonetheless found myself left with an interesting MC-related notion. Many of the fictitious methods of mind control found in the fetish community are based around nonexistent phenomena such as magic, alien technology, what have you, and are often very fast-acting. While the combination of speed and efficacy of such methods would, if they were real, make them all the more terrifying, I feel that, in some ways, the extremity and obviousness of such methods makes them less insidious when compared to some real-life phenomena that many people accept as an unavoidable part of daily life. The “star” of the video may well be seen to be under the direct influence of someone or something, but I imagined that, at least at first, she had merely been caught up in something she didn’t understand or even perceive until it was too late for her to escape. Maybe she wanted to join the other girls at first, and had no idea that they’d invited her not as an equal but as prey. Perhaps they teased and seduced her with offers of acceptance and affection, or maybe they bullied and abused her into joining their “party”, but as I watched I thought I saw exhausted despair in the poor girl’s eyes as she prepared herself for the others, a longing to escape drowned by the certain knowledge that neither she nor anyone else could help her. The way she was treated by the others reminded me of the everyday cruelty that many people suffer at the hands of their peers, and I really felt for her. I don’t want to end on such a low note though, so I’ll close by saying that I did think it was a great video with an interesting artistic vision at its core, and topped off with some very slick cinematography.