Saturday, July 31, 2010

This is That

When you look at as much online art and photography as I do, you start to notice similarities in themes, poses, expressions, etc. Some of these are hardly worth calling attention to, like all the models on Model Mayhem who think they can pull off the Jessica Rabbit look. Come on, ladies: there's a reason why Jessica is a 'toon! Give it up, already.

On the other hand, some themes, poses, and expressions are worth repeating. Here are a few of the best I've found (mostly on Model Mayhem and Deviant Art, if you want to go looking for more). I'll probably make "This Is That" another of my recurring themes.

As usual, I've tried to find poses with a sexy, fetishy feel and plenty of room for you to fantasize about the MC possibilities. For instance, a couple of weeks ago I hinted about a future theme post called "When Animals Attack." You might think of some of the shots here as a prelude to the upcoming "When Plants Attack" and/or "Supernatural Seduction" - both of which really are in the works. I promise. :-)

Anyway, let's start today's post with some artwork by Michael Rosen, Michael O, and Boris Vallejo.

 Next, here are Io, photographed by Calliope's Room; and Rachel Dashae, photographed by stuntkid.

And speaking of stuntkid, here's a piece of his artwork on the left - and a corresponding piece by Lady Dementia on the right.

Finally, because I can never resist an opportunity to post pics of these two lovely ladies, here are Zoetica Ebb, photographed by Allan Amato; and Ulorin Vex, who's actually sleeping with Allan Amato, but is here photographed by Allan Barnes.

Oh, and here's a bonus non sequitur for you, just because Saturday is my laundry day and I can never do laundry without thinking about Hedwig and the Angry Inch: Never put bras in the dryer. They warp.

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