Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Here's one for the robophiles

This is the little post that grew. I'd planned on a very short Wednesday entry, just pointing you toward some cool new robot-themed art by Kassandra Vizerskaya, but then I got e-mails from a couple of blog readers who had pictures and videos to share with me; and wouldn't you know it, those were robot-themed, too. So now I have to go and make a big production of it all. ;-P

That being the case, I'll start with a piece from Model Mayhem digital artist Ka Xiong, whose port has lots of other interesting stuff once you get past the really, really bad Avatar art leading it off. :-/

Now here are those Vizerskaya pics I mentioned, and once again, there's plenty more where those came from. The link just above goes to Vizerskaya's blog, but she has several other galleries around the web, and you can reach them all from this previous entry I wrote about her work.

Now let's get to those e-mails. The Dark Sorcerer pointed me toward the first of the three pics below, which is of Blossom Blois...and Blossom Blois...photographed by Benedict Campbell. I'd actually noticed this one before (and saved it to my hard drive, of course!), but I certainly didn't mind seeing it again. ;-) Then, once I decided to expand this entry, I realized I'd better pull in a couple more Benedict Campbell robot pics. The middle one below is Blossom again; I'm not sure who that is on the right. Anyway, BB and BC both have ports on Model Mayhem; and I featured Benedict Campbell in an earlier blog entry with links to more of his work. His official website, which I didn't know about at the time, is here.

Last but definitely not least, I've been corresponding with sylvrgirl about a web series on Hulu called LXD (League of Extraordinary Dancers). Yeah, I know that's not necessarily a promising title for fetishists, but bear with me a moment. I've only watched the two episodes sylvrgirl pointed me toward, but one featured hot-as-fuck puppet/robot-MC, complete with altered eyes and floor humping. In fact, this particular ep was so hot that I hardly even noticed the MC was M/f!

The other episode apparently tells the story of a guy who's been brainwashed into believing he's a robot. It's hard to be sure without having seen the whole series from the beginning; but honestly, who cares? If you're reading this blog, you're mainly interested in the robot kink anyway, right? ;-) And if you also appreciate a finely-sculpted, bare male torso, well, that'll just add to your enjoyment. ;-P

I'm giving you all this setup before the links because it's only fair to let you know what you're in for if you click on through. The dancing is phenomenal, and robo-boy can sort of act...the rest of them, not so much. Oh, and the "Dark Doctor's" costume is to cringe for. But once again: you're here for the kink, right? And boy, have you come to the right place for that!

puppet girl
robot boy

If you like what you see today, be sure to thank sylvergirl and Dark Sorcerer for bringing it to you. :-)


Anonymous said...

The hotness of the scene makes up for the lameness of the costume?

thrall said...

That's what I think! Do you agree or disagree? Or do you even care about the bad costume at all? ;-P

Anonymous said...

I frankly didn't care about the costuming elements; as with good porn the occasional clunky bits don't bug me.

Now bad grammar or hideous acting... but LXD is learning not to let the performers talk much. :-)

Puppet schtick seems to be the rage; two acts at San Francisco's Hubba Hubba Revue's "Fairytales" show did puppet-y dance, one was a Pinocchio number the other was Hansel & Gretl being controlled by the Evil Witch.

Pictures are at

Anonymous said...

it's been eleven or twelve years since i first saw it, but this video still gives me tingles:

thrall said...

Oh wow, that video is incredible! I think I remember seeing about a two-second clip of it somewhere, but I've never seen the whole thing. Now I'm downloading that sucker!

You've just made my morning. Thanks! :-)