Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ironically, I am not being completely ironic when I say

"Hot lesbian robot action"

Thanks to an anonymous commenter in the Here's One for the Robophiles post for pointing me toward this incredible jewel. And if, like me, you take one slavering look at this and decide you have to have a copy for yourself, I can vouch for the freeware version of Any Video Converter. It's a great way to download videos from YouTube. :-)

EDIT: Thanks to another anonymous commenter for letting me know the version of this video that I'd linked to wasn't viewable by everyone. Here's another version that is:


Anonymous said...

This is a private video error message.... Bummer.

Anonymous said...

okay, that stinks. they took away the lovely 1080p version. there's still a 720p one at:

TheAdamator said...

A very slick video, just like the rest of Chris Cunningham's work. I'm also fond of the videos he's done for Aphex Twin, even though I'm not particularly fond of Aphex Twin's music. I especially like the video for 'Come to Daddy' which, for reasons I myself don't really understand, I find very darkly funny. The video for Bjork's 'All is Full of Love' reminded me of another video I saw a few years ago and rediscovered in the suggestions panel on the YouTube page for "All is Full of Love'. It's called 'Doll Face', and is an interesting concept work that leaves plenty of room for interpretation of the artist's message.