Sunday, August 8, 2010

This is that is really just an excuse

When I wrote my first "This Is That" post last weekend, I told you it might be the first in a series; but even I didn't expect to be writing another entry in the series quite this soon. Then I stumbled across the pic at left, of Molly Sims modeling the world's most expensive bikini (made mostly of diamonds); and almost immediately afterwards restumbled across the illustration at right, by the multi-talented Zoetica Ebb.

And that gave me the opportunity to do something I've been meaning to do for quite some time but kept forgetting: showcase Zo's artwork. I love the combination of baroque design and kinky subject matter, and I think you will too.

At left and right are the companion pieces to the image above. Together they represent the three aspects of the Coilhouse magazine motto: Inform, Inspire, Infect. Zoetica Ebb is, of course, a cofounder of Coilhouse; and she created these images for use as section headers in one issue of the magazine.

Now here are three of my favorite paintings by her. If you like these, you can find lots more of her work on her blog and on her MySpace page.Take a wild guess why I chose these three to share here. ;-)

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