Wednesday, August 11, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things: Silent View a.k.a. Silent Order

This is not a picture of a puppet; it's a real woman...or maybe you can tell yourself it once was a real woman. After all, that is true in one sense; and imagination can make it true in a second, hotter sense.

I don't know who the model is, but the photographer is Silent View - or Silent Order, depending on where you look (He has an official website, as well as galleries on Deviant Art and Model Mayhem). I love the "depraved Dickens" quality of his addition, of course, to the obvious fetish elements. ;-)

Unfortunately, this is one case where I can't identify most of the models in the pictures. For some reason, my favorite German photographers tend not to give the names of their subjects. But the redhead in the first shot is Fraeulein v Rosenfelde, the other half of the Silent View team; and the two women in white are Ashleigh Chase and Nina Kate in a shoot for Jane Doe Latex (I featured Nina and Jane Doe in a previous blog entry). As for the rest of the pics, I'm pretty much at a loss. Fortunately, that won't prevent you from enjoying them. ;-)

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sylvrgirl said...

That puppet image is to die for! I would love to know how much of that is makeup and lighting and how much is PS.

Keep up the great work!