Saturday, August 14, 2010

Silver and Cold

Since Jukebox and I are probably just a couple of sessions away from finishing the (rough draft) final installment of our collaboration, I thought now would the perfect time for this particular themed post. You'll understand at least one of the reasons already, if you've been following my blog for any length of time and/or if you know about Jukebox's story-naming convention (Speaking of which, AFI was my idea, and I've always wondered what J thought about that choice; he's definitely not a goth fan). You'll figure out more of the riddle as our trilogy makes its way online....and you'll also figure out a few hints I've dropped in previous posts, whether you knew they were hints or not!

Until then, here are some lovely images of ladies in various stages of iciness, beginning with Ancilla Tilia above (photographed by Iconogenic). Next we have three shots of Meluxine by her favorite collaborator, Mastertouch.

Now here are Sara X photographed by Robot Art Fashion, Hexabelle by I-don't-know-but-don't-miss-the-not-so-subliminal-image, and Kumi Monster by Allan Amato.

And of course, no post about silvery beauty would be complete without at least a couple of rows devoted entirely to Mosh. So here you go. Credits, from left to right on the top row, are Ama Lea, Kencredible, and Jason Simon. On the bottom row, the photogs are Sideshowsito, Harmony Nicholas, and Michael Helms.

You're welcome. ;-P

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sylvrgirl said...

I love, love, LOVE the shot of Sara X. Something about it that is just so... Mmmmm!