Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The slave greets her Mistress

I have a number of models and photographers on Deviant Watch, and when I checked into Deviant Art just now, I found these two pictures - and these two alone - waiting in my in box. I think they make a lovely pair; don't you?

At left (and looking unusually stern) is Mosh, photographed by Allan Amato. At right is plastique in veins, shot by Silent Order. Be sure to notice her eyes.

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alphaxanon said...

Mosh's outfit by Mother of London. Also seen on Ulorin Vex http://www.myspace.com/motheroflondon/photos/76466433/tagged?imageUserID=3063017&actp=n%2b0prKAebczfG13CmB%2fL170xxzjSK8k%2f19igSi%2f1c3vFrKSdG4VwAe0JTCVeV1%2bSGyWHazl1pr5llc8tLJ1AQR1xGkld6gtCO1GVVK%2b%2fHY%2f4eCvuHTr6AYqmmXIOPbOAuf24vqsYeNqpb9kVCGQnEHitYxRJK2jdm4mf6MzId%2fqBgpuNSroZ64HC%2bvg9J6m4a23VU5glxbd9yJYXZqCe7WK2JT7cIuGJGrMOS4Xg8HT0X3rKCzyaSsaplxp7T%2ffn