Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I struggled to find a less cliched way to describe this clip, but I can't.

It's epic. It just is.

But before I share it, let me assure you that I'm working on something more fetish-related: a complicated (for me, with my paleolithic software, at least) photomanip that isn't quite ready yet. You're going to love it, but you might not get to see it before the weekend. Fortunately, there's this to enjoy in the meantime.

Let me give you a little setup. The reporter here is Anderson Cooper (a.k.a. "The Silver Fox" - no, I'm not making that up). He's extremely professional, and he's gay - something he's never come right out and said, because he'd rather be known as a reporter than a gay reporter, but he's gay. The guy he's interviewing here holds a statewide political office in Michigan (He also, IMO, looks and acts remarkably like Pee Wee Herman, but that's beside the point). This guy has been - there's no better way to describe it - stalking and harassing - a gay college student council member who, Pee Wee thinks, is an agent of Satan. Watch in awe as Anderson Cooper takes him apart piece by piece. It's like the Black Knight scene from The Holy Grail.

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alphaxanon said...

Wow. That assistant AG is so totally a repressed homo.