Saturday, March 7, 2015

Before I get started...

I'm intentionally writing this post now instead of after I polish my new story* any further, or after I compose the cover. This way, I can tease you with some images that might or might not show up on the actual ebook. Meanwhile, the things I'm going to say about the story are solid facts.

I have the story in good shape now. I plan to do a couple more polishes and then ask for beta readers/reviewers. In last week's post I talked about having a sort of contest but said I hadn't figured out the fine details. Now I have figured them out. I'm not ready to spill all the beans yet, but I'll say this much: there will be six winners who'll each have the option to decide how much work they put into the project, and those who put in the maximum will get autographed ebooks of the anthology. Yes, that's right: I've figured out how to autograph ebooks.

This afternoon I'll be polishing again and then setting the story aside for a few days so I can work on the cover (and give my brain a chance to forget a little, so that I can read the story one more time later in the week with fresh eyes). If all goes well, I'll start the contest with next weekend's post.

Now, about the cover art. I've been browsing for images, and believe me, that's no easy task. You can't beat that site, price-wise, but they sell cheap by reducing overhead, which includes having a truly sucky search engine. But I did find the perfect picture for Franny, which you see at the top of this post (This image and the others here are comps, not the paid versions of the shots). Isn't she delectable? Choosing her didn't require any thought at all. Choosing the image for Ted Steele was a little harder, but I've narrowed it down to the two at left here.

Choosing the right image for Ursula Major, who'll be looming over Our Heroes with a hypno-spiral or something behind her, was my hardest task. I've found the right model but can't say for sure which picture will look best on the cover  (although I have a pretty good idea) until I play around with the composition. I'm pasting in a few of the best shots below, knowing already that some of them won't work, just to give you something to fantasize about.

*the awkwardly-but-hopefully-humorously titled "The Final Adventure of Doctor Theodore Steele and His Intrepid Assistant Franny"

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