Sunday, March 22, 2015

It's countdown time to the publication of "The Final Adventure of Doctor Theodore Steele and His Intrepid Assistant Franny." With help from my contest winners (See the post just below this one for details - and join a later contest if you like), I've finalized the story; and I've just uploaded it to Amazon for pre-order.

This is another of those cases where I'm giving my blog readers a special gift. When the book goes live on March 28, it will sell for $2.99; but you can pre-order it for $0.99 here.

Here's the synopsis of the story:

Doctor Theodore Steele, the lantern-jawed hero of a thousand intergalactic adventures, is about to meet his match…in a nemesis he's beaten dozens of times before. Until now the brave hero and his sidekick have come out on top because, well, that's just the way it works. But does it have to work that way? Ursula Major has just thrown out the old rule book and written a kinky new one. In her version, the hero is vanquished, the damsel in distress isn't saved, and the villain gets the girl. It might be just crazy enough to work.

"The Final Adventure" is a send-up of your favorite old pulp science fiction stories with their blue-eyed heroes and helpless, admiring sidekicks. It includes alien life forms and heavy bondage, shiny ray guns and shinier latex, white knights in armor and bi-curious sidekicks, and a planet's worth of hypnotic spirals.

key words: hypnosis, satire, pulp fiction, lesbian, mind control, bdsm, dominatrix

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