Saturday, May 22, 2010

If you notice a puddle around your feet, it's just my drool

I have been a very, very busy thrall these last few days, and I have ohhh so may pictures to share with you! I'll space them out so I don't overwhelm you or myself. Let's start with the heavenly creature you see at left.

Behold the Ukranian goddess known, in her earthly incarnation, as Asya Arteyeva. I found her first on Model Mayhem, then discovered another stash of pictures here (Actually, Photodom turned up several great stashes for me, but all in due time!).

The picture above, left, and the two just below are by Retroatelier. Amazing how this photog can make Asya look good even with the suggestion of a unibrow. I have the same feeling I got watching Salma Hayek play Frida Kahlo. ;-)

Next up are one photo by Pautina (Be sure to note the tentacles in closeup!) and two more by Retroatelier.

And here are pics by Katarina Sokolova and Vizerskaya, a.k.a. Kassandra. As you can see, Asya poses in a number of different styles but has a definite preference for vintage fashions. And it suits her so very well, doesn't it?

You might not understand yet, not in full; but this post contains the seeds of several more posts to come. Stay tuned!

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