Sunday, May 16, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things: Viktoria Modesta

I first discovered Viktoria Modesta on Model Mayhem, mostly modeling for designer Bibian Blue. I was struck (well, more like gobsmacked) by the exquisite beauty of her face and quickly moved on to her own Model Mayhem page - which, unfortunately, was very small. Thank goodness I finally found her on MySpace; that's where the real goods are.

There's something a little...unusual...about Viktoria Modesta, something you probably won't even notice at first (It took me ages). But all of a sudden, you'll be studying one of her pictures in closeup and go, "Hey, wait a minute. Is that--?" And the answer is yes, yes it is. Three cheers to her for not letting it get in the way of her success.

She's wearing Bibian Blue in the picture above, by Phantom Orchid. Below, left to right, the photos are by Dan Santoni, Marla Rutherford (where Viktoria is wearing House of Harlot), and Mark Barnfield.

The pictures at left and right below come from Bizarre Magazine, but I don't know the photographer. The picture in the middle is by Alex Leonhardt.

She also has an official website, which is where I found the picture at left. Unfortunately, the photos there don't come with any attributions, so I can't tell you who shot the image or who the other model is. Also unfortunately, she sings. You have been warned.

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