Sunday, May 16, 2010

The very definition of "va-va-va-voom"

Here's yet another instance of my finding a new picture on one of my favorite sites and being so blown away that I just have to share it. Immediately.

This is Morgana, a Spanish model/photographer/website designer/makeup artist, and who the hell knows what else. I wouldn't be surprised to hear she plays basketball for the NBA. Anyway, she's just updated her Model Mayhem portfolio, so go have a look.

Now, why do I suddenly find myself craving flan?


alphaxanon said...

That is a sumptuous outfit. As her other photos show, she has a good body for showing off waist reduction in a corset!

RJ said...

I keep meaning to send you the links to the living mannequin pictures I have from the Dickens Christmas Fair. Not only are they LMs, they're LMs in stylish corsets.

One example:

And another:

The full galleries are at I've got them sorted by event.

thrall said...

Very nice, RJ! I think I've seen some other pictures from this fair somewhere.

RJ said...

If you ever plan to visit SF, I'd recommend the third weekend in December. both for the Dickens Fair and the Hubba Hubba Revue Christmannukah burlesque show.