Sunday, May 9, 2010

This is not the post you were looking for

I decided to save the post I had planned for today until Wednesday, because something happened last night that needs to be shared: Jukebox and I finished the rough draft of the second part of our vampire collaboration!

We're at the point now where we know each other's styles and writing methods well enough to turn them easily to the story's advantage. He's the quick ideas man, and I'm the OCD polisher. So, for instance, while he's writing a paragraph, I'm coming along behind him, smoothing things here or tweaking things there. And while I'm writing a paragraph, he's coming along behind me, adding more details and being generally clever. Okay, honestly, we're both enjoying our cleverness right now. ;-) I can't wait to hear the comments after people finish reading the second installment!

We've also both been able to spot potential plotholes and discrepancies. For instance, last night, at the very tail end of this chapter installment, we realized we had two very different ideas about the top floor of our villainess' home. That was a funny moment, considering how much action had already taken place in the building. But now we'll have the chance to make everything gel as we edit the draft. And, of course, we'll also begin work on the finale.

We're hoping that Jukebox's schedule will be more open now, for a number of reasons, and that we'll be able to write two nights a week instead of one. That's to be determined, but keep your fingers crossed. And in the meantime, know that the rough draft is resting in the cool, dark wine cellars of my hard drive - and aging beautifully.

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