Sunday, October 3, 2010

An idea I've been playing around with for years

Some of you might remember a previous post I made about one of the fantasies I wrote just for myself, before publishing anything on the EMCSA. Well, this post relates to another of those fantasies. I used to imagine what it might be like to attend a fetish party with my Mistress, dressed as a doll with (seemingly) unblinking, black-button eyes; hypnotized into believing I was that doll.

That fantasy provided the groundwork for my Raggedy Anne story - which is still, IMO, far too close to a personal fantasy to make a really good EMC story. But doll fetishists seem to like it, so I don't mind. ;-)

Anyway, that original fantasy was meant to be realistic, involving only hypnotism and makeup to achieve the physical effects. And that meant I had to think of a legitimate way to make someone's eyes really look like unblinking black buttons.What I came up with was a combination of full-sclera black contact lenses; thick, shiny black makeup ringing the eyes; and black eyeliner across the waterline to hide that last little bit of flesh color. I figured that if the audience saw nothing but black, whether my eyes were open or shut, it would almost appear as though I never blinked. Not quite, but almost.

Now, I have no idea if my idea would work in reality (If anyone wants to give it a try, I'd love to hear about it!). Making up the waterline is tricky, and if that makeup got onto the contacts, it would be pretty uncomfortable. I'm sure I'll never get to try it for myself, but not long I decided to at least see how it might look, if it could be done. So I gathered some images from my collection and various online sources and came up with what you see here.

Now, bear in mind that I don't have anything as sophisticated as Photoshop on my home computer. I have a very old knockoff program that does everything I need it to do, but it certainly can't do all the tricks the real Photoshop can; and it probably takes a lot longer for me to do something with it than it would with Photoshop.

Anyway, I started with a picture of Porsylin, a relatively unknown fetish model who's always looked kind of slutty to me. I thought it would be fun to turn a tramp into a blank-eyed, mindless doll; so she was a great choice. Plus, she had the perfect headshot for my purposes. ;-) First I faded her skin to a doll-like pallor; then I pasted in actual makeup jobs and contact lenses from other pictures, just so I could see how the effects would look in a real-life setting. And lastly, of course, I put the retouched face on top of an anonymous model whose picture I found on a costume website. It's nice to see my idea taken full-body, but honestly, I prefer the closeup of Porsylin's retouched face. That's where you can see all the lovely details. ;-)

I think Porsylin makes a pretty awesome mindwiped drone doll; don't you?


blackice said...

I'll add it to my to - do list when I find some reliable models/artists to work with.


thrall said...

Well, you're obviously just the right person for the job! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :-)

Evil Dolly said...

Black button eyes! Neat. Kinda Coraline-y.

"Why does she want me?" Coraline asked the cat. "Why does she want me to stay here with her?"

"She wants something to love, I think," said the cat. "Something that isn't her. She might want something to eat as well. It's hard to tell with creatures like that."