Saturday, October 9, 2010

My own early (unknowning) attempts at Giger

Hunting for and posting Giger pics made me think about some of my own old artwork, which was usually science fiction-ish - and a hell of a lot kinkier than I realized at the time. I was somewhere around 10 or 11 when I drew the pics in this post: old enough to know the facts of life, but not old enough to have much conscious interest in them. My unconscious, on the other hand...well, see for yourself!

I still remember showing this first drawing to a child psychologist whom I was seeing in the wake of my parents' divorce. He said he saw a lot of sexual imagery in there, like fallopian tubes in the alien's antennae and a vagina in the middle of its chest; but I just pooh-poohed him. These days, I still dispute the fallopian tube analysis, but only because the antennae look more like open legs to me. I guess the alien can't spread her lower extremities, so she's spreading her mind instead. And after all, isn't that the story of my life? ;-P Strangely enough, though, even at that age, I had the idea that while the alien was friendly, whomever she was offering her fruit to might not understand.

Now let me share a few more pictures from that same time period - not because I think they're great art, but just to show you what my subconscious mind was getting up to while my consciousness was looking the other way. You might recognize the fish-eating seaweed on the left as an early inspiration for the lake monster in Union, Reunion. As for the woman on the right, well, what can I say? ;-P

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